Family by the water Location: Tardebigge Flight, Worcester & Birmingham Canal

Meet Geri and family

"We've come from Singapore for this boating holiday. I love England and I know it quite well because I studied in London. My son and his family live in Tewkesbury now, so we're all here on holiday together this week.

When my son first came to live in England I didn't miss him, I just travelled to see him! I have another son and he lives in Australia, so I visit him too. I think I'm lucky that my sons have moved so far away from me in Singapore because it means I get to travel a lot to see them both!

We're only half way up the flight, and there are 30 locks in the whole flight! Some of these locks are a bit stiff but it's not really exhausting for us because we have a clever system of doing six locks each and then swapping our crew's jobs!

Our dog was a bit flustered for the first few days of our holiday because she wasn't sure about some of us being on the boat and some of us being out working the locks. But she's ok now she's sussed the whole system. She knows not to go in the water too. She swims like a fish, but we think it's a bit too dangerous for a dog to go in the canal. Come on Tegen, you need to be in the photo!"

Geri, Albert, Nicola, Louis, Trevelyan, Morwenna, Verity (& Tegen), Tardebigge Flight, Worcester & Birmingham Canal