Geoff, Phantom & Bebba, Llangollen Canal Geoff, Phantom & Bebba, Llangollen Canal

Meet Geoff, Phantom & Bebba on the Llangollen Canal

It's just staggering how beautiful this area is. I've been coming down the A5 from the north for years because I've been mountain climbing in Wales ever since I was 14 - but this area on the Llangollen Canal is just delightful. Of course I'm not as active climbing mountains now, but when I'm cruising across the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct at least I'm not bothered by the height!

We're boating with our two friends who got married two weeks ago. Phantom, the big dog, was at the wedding wearing a neckerchief. He's the gentlest dog we've ever had! And Bebba just loves everybody! Between us we have four dogs on board – luckily they're very well-behaved dogs!

Geoff, Phantom & Bebba, dogs on the waterways

We love boating, but I wouldn't say we're experienced! We just like being outside and close to nature and that's what we enjoy about being on the canals. We'll be going home to Derbyshire later today and our friends want to head off towards the Montgomery Canal. They used to live in Derbyshire but they live in Geneva now. We all share a love of canals and we boated together on the Canal Du Midi last year. We've also been on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal with our daughter.

Geoff, Phantom & Bebba

We find all the information the Canal & River Trust provide is really helpful and the whole place is kept so well on the Llangollen Canal. And I think our canals are every bit as nice as the Canal Du Midi - even without the wine and cheese - although you're never far from a decent cheese or wine in Britain these days!

Geoff, Phantom & Bebba, Llangollen, Llangollen Canal