Boys fishing by the canal Shropshire Union Canal. Market Drayton

Meet Freddie and Felix

Felix:  “I’m eight and this is my brother who is five. This was our first proper fishing trip and I didn’t really know what it would be like. I never thought I’d catch a big fish. We were setting up for ages, and that was ok, but when we actually started fishing properly that was when it got good. I caught a few little fish, and then a big one came but it got away. I was waiting for ages after that. I thought I was just unlucky. But then the big fish came back. The float was moving and people were saying ‘that’s a big one, that’s a big one!’ It was so exciting. And then when I lifted my rod up the fish was there, on the hook. We needed to use a net to bring it in. It was a massive perch. I just couldn’t believe it was me that caught it.”

Freddie: “I caught a million gudgeon and a big roach. I liked the maggots the best. They were all wriggly and tickly. And I got to throw them into the water to make the fish come.”

Felix: “My favourite part was holding the fish. They felt really nice in my hands, all slimy. I liked the maggots as well but not as much as Freddie did. I’m going to tell everyone at school on Monday that I caught a big perch on my first ever fishing trip. I want to be a fisherman now when I grow up. And a rock star.”

Freddie and Felix, Shropshire Union Canal. Market Drayton