Couple Birsdpotting Location: Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

Meet Elsbert & Sheila

"We haven't brought a tent, so we can't camp! No, that was a joke, we're staying in a guest room at the Tudor Arms which is just here along the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal. 

We've come from our home in Oldbury today which is only about an hour or so away from here. People often think we live in Birmingham, but Oldbury is really in Sandwell so we're probably nearer to Dudley than Birmingham.

We're only here for a couple of nights, just to enjoy the lovely peace and quiet and to do a bit of bird watching. Where we are at this spot on the canal, we are only about half a mile from the Slimbridge Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust so there are usually lots of interesting birds in the area. We spotted a heron just a minute ago, but we haven't seen very much in the way of other birds yet today. We're not worried though because it's probably just the time of year and the wrong time of the day. There's plenty of time yet, and we're not in a hurry. We're just going to walk by the water for a bit before we go back to the pub for a meal."

Elsbert & Sheila, Patch Bridge, Gloucester & Sharpness Canal