Mother and Daughter by the water Location: Worcester & Birmingham Canal

Meet Donna & Ava

"I like having an ice cream on the boat! When I was in mummy's tummy I lived on the boat."

We don't live on the boat at the moment because I think it’s too difficult with Ava at her age. We live just up the road and come and visit a lot. She loves it here.

Before Ava was born I used to live on my boat here on my own. It was my full-time home for about five years. I do miss living on the water, but with young children on board it's not easy. You can't expect children as young as Ava to wear a lifejacket all the time, it just isn't practical. I've been teaching her to swim in case she ever fell in the water, but we haven't been out in the boat since she was born. She's very confident, possibly over confident, and people think she's older than she is because she's tall - but she's only three.

"I am tall! And mummy is tall”.

When we come down to the boat everyone always makes a fuss over Ava. She loves all the people here and the community is really friendly. It's lovely and we're looking forward to going out on the boat when she is older.

Donna & Ava, Diglis Basin, Worcester, Worcester & Birmingham Canal