Man and dog by canal Bradford on Avon, Kennet & Avon Canal

Meet Devron & Meg

"Who says a dog can't smile! And I can't help but smile back at her when I see her so happy. Meg is about 7 years old now, but sadly she had a hard start in life. She was abandoned and had to spend a long time in a rescue shelter before she came to live with us. We noticed her legs were hurting her, and the vet said she was suffering, so she had several operations to try and fix it. It took almost nine months for her to heal because she had to go to surgery with the right leg first and allow that to heal before she could have the left leg operated on. She had to have pins and new joints put in. It was so sad to see her go through so much, but at least while she was recovering and rebuilding her strength, she had the time of her life in the special canine hydrotherapy pool. She made everyone laugh splashing around with that infectious smile on her face! She's on permanent medication now to control her pain, but she never feels sorry for herself and is full of the joys of life. After people treated her so badly in her past, she definitely deserved a second chance to enjoy a happy life with someone who loves her.

Most people say I'm a computer geek, because it's my work and my hobby. I'm a web developer and a keen gamer, so I spend most of my time bent over a computer screen in a darkened room! But I love coming out for a walk with Meggy. It's great to see her having such a good time, and we both love it along the canal. To be honest, I've lost some weight and I'm much healthier since I've been getting regular exercise and fresh air with Meg. I think we’re helping each other! We decided to stop for a drink at this canal-side pub today and chill out watching the water. Meg may have had troubled times in the past, and most days at work I can be really stressed out, but none of that matters when we're out here walking by the water. It's something that definitely makes us both smile."

Devron & Meg, Bradford on Avon, Kennet & Avon Canal