Family visiting the Stourbridge Canal Family visiting the Stourbridge Canal

Meet Deqa, Isaaq & Asiya at the Red House Glass Cone

We live quite close to the heart of canals in Wolverhampton, so we haven't come from very far away to visit Stourbridge Glass Cone today. I love the water. Where we live, there are lots of miles of canals on our doorstep, yet I think you can easily forget about what you have right where you live. The kids are very active and we are encouraging them to get outside – they love the outdoors.

Isaaq is eight and Asiya is three. It's half term this week, so we thought we'd come here to look at some glass art and watch some glassmaking inside the cone.

At two o'clock, we're going to a class where the kids can have a go at glassmaking themselves. At school they've been learning that art isn't just about drawing, it’s all sorts of things like working with glass. Isaaq has been creating some of his own glass designs at school, so he's quite excited today about having a go at working on his designs.

Stourbridge Canal

We've already seen someone blowing glass here this morning, but Asiya isn't sure she likes it inside the cone because it's so dark in there. She says she likes it out here by the water with the ducks. It is lovely in the sunshine.

Deqa, Isaaq & Asiya, Red House Glass Cone, Stourbridge Canal