Couple having a picnic Location: Brynich Lock, Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal

Meet Debbie & Jerry

"Yes, this place is quite romantic for us really! We're driving to Pembrokeshire today and we've just stopped for a picnic in this beautiful spot because it's where we came about 45 years ago on the very first camping trip we ever did. And we're here again!

We can't remember exactly where we camped, or if we climbed any of these Welsh hills, or what we did really – well, it was 45 years ago! We live in Canada now, in a lovely rural area. We've both travelled a lot, all around the world, but the Brecon Beacons Park ranks well in all the places we've visited. We think Scotland is really beautiful, but you don't get the Scottish winds here on this Welsh canal. It's so nice and peaceful here.

We've got friends who live in Pembrokeshire, so whenever we're in Britain we make a trip to Wales to see them. That's where we're going after our picnic. Jerry grew up close to Bristol, and he left to go and live in Canada when he was about 20 years old. But he still has his mum in Bristol. I was born in China and emigrated from there to Canada. Then I went to London and that's where I met Jerry all those years ago. We both consider ourselves Canadian now, but this place is still very special for us."

Debbie & Jerry, Brynich Lock, Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal