Christine, Molly & Sean, cycling on the Kennet & Avon Canal Christine, Molly & Sean, cycling on the Kennet & Avon Canal

Meet Christine, Molly & Sean at Avoncliff Aqueduct

We've hired these bikes for the day from the canal hub at Dundas Aqueduct. It's easy to do, it only takes five minutes to hire a bike and you're ready to set off. I've done it before but it's the first time for my daughter and her boyfriend.

We've just cycled from Dundas to Avoncliff so far, and it's been a lovely ride. One reason we like cycling the towpaths is that it's easy cycling because there aren't any hills.

Cycling near Avoncliff Aqueduct

We can see that there are some inviting beer gardens along this canal so we could get tempted to stop at the pub, but I don't think that would help us all get fit. I'm running a marathon next weekend so cycling the canal today is a good way to help get fit and ready for that.

I'm doing the full marathon and my daughter, Molly, is doing the half marathon. That means I'll be running two loops of the route and she will be doing one loop. I thought coming out to the canal for a ride together today would double up as a nice thing to do and help us get fit for that. And we're making the best of the sunshine.

Christine, Molly & Sean, Avoncliff Aqueduct, Kennet & Avon Canal