Chris, walking along the Grand Union Canal Chris, walking along the Grand Union Canal

Meet Chris at Leamington Spa

I come down to the canal every day. If I miss the morning, I come in the afternoon.

I can't drive a car any more because I keep fainting. The doctors can't diagnose what it is, so it's not safe for me to drive, but I can still wander around along the canal. I live in Whitnash, which is about two or three miles from here, and I like to run and walk along the towpath from there because it's good to see things you don't normally spot when you're walking anywhere else.

Taking photos on the Grand Union Canal

It's especially nice first thing in the morning, and at this time of year if the weather is good it's even better. These cygnets have probably been hatched for four or five days. I've seen some more eggs that are still in the nest that haven't hatched. There's another swan's  nest just past the next bridge after the Fusilier pub. There were four eggs in that nest and only one of those hatched.

I've got loads of photos of the wildlife along the canals. I used to be a photographer years ago, and I enjoyed working in my own darkroom, but obviously things have changed with today's cameras. I still work in the photography business, but in digital now.

The Grand Union Canal at Leamington Spa

I've just stopped to get a photo of the cygnets with my phone-camera. I like running, and I've run as far as Hatton Locks one way and Napton the other, but today I'm slowly wandering along just because I like it on the canal and I'm enjoying the water and the wildlife.

Chris, Bridge 43, Leamington Spa, Grand Union Canal