Couple walking along the Grand Union Canal Couple walking along the Grand Union Canal

Meet Charlotte & Muhammad at Leamington Spa

At uni people do get really stressed out, so the canal helps – it’s really gorgeous here by the water. We're just here walking, wandering seeing how far we get.

It's the water that most attracts us to the canal, and also it's stuff like the goslings we've just seen all sitting on the canalside. The wildlife is great.

Goslings on the Grand Union Canal

We'd say we're just temporarily living in Leamington. We've been here for three years because we're studying at the uni. I'm doing a PPE degree, which is Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and Muhammad is doing basically Maths and Stats. There's only a month to go before the end of our courses, so studying is particularly stressful at the moment. We're glad our studies are nearly finished now.

Before uni, I came from Gloucestershire and Muhammad is from London, so when we first started here we probably had different experiences. As someone coming from a village you'd think Leamington is really wild, and someone from London would think very differently.

Walking along the Grand Union Canal at Leamington Spa

After our finals are over, our next plan is - London. We've had a lot of fun here in Leamington, but we both want to go to London. We're young, so we can do it at the moment.

Charlotte & Muhammad, Leamington Spa, Grand Union Canal