lady and dog Location: Frampton, Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

Meet Carol and Max

"My other dog, Pippin, has had a stroke and I have to leave her at home when we come out because she doesn't like to walk anymore. This is Max - he's Pippin's brother. He is 16 years old and the same age as Pippin, but Max and I can still get out and about and enjoy walking along the canal together.

We come to this bit of the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal quite often. Max likes his treats, and he just loves to be busy. Today, we’re on our way to have a panini in that little café by the canal and then, after that, we're going to the hairdressers because I'm going to get my hair cut! Max will have to wait outside while I'm in there though - no, no - he can't come in, but he's ok with that... aren’t you Max? 

Anyway, I must get off now for my panini. I have a friend who pops in regularly to check that Pippin is alright, and to keep her company, but we really don't want to leave her at home without us for very long.

Carol & Max, Frampton, Gloucester & Sharpness Canal