Bob on narrowboat 'Rosina' at Foxton Locks Bob on narrowboat 'Rosina' at Foxton Locks

Meet Bob at Foxton Locks

We've got lots of memories on our narrowboat 'Rosina.' I've had this boat for twenty-nine years, but I've just bought a new one... And now we have a domestic dispute because my wife tells me after all this time she prefers this old boat! 

Both boats are the same design, length and colours, and the only difference is that the new one has got all portholes instead of windows. They even have similar names. Our first boat, 'Rosina', is named after my grandmother, who my wife got on really well with. My grandmother's full name was Rosina Mary, so we've decided call our new boat 'Rosina Mary.'

Foxton Locks in the sunshine

The new boat is moored up in the north at the moment where I'm from, on the Rochdale Canal at Todmorden. Today I'm just on my way back from a meeting with the Russell Newbery Engine Owners’ Club. We go to the annual rallies together, but my wife stayed home for this trip and my friend is with me to help as crew instead.

Boating at Foxton

It was my wife who introduced me to canals really, because when we first met I liked sailing! She persuaded me about thirty years ago to hire a narrowboat - and I took to it straight away. So, that's when we thought we'd buy a boat. We got 'Rosina' in 1988, so that's nearly thirty years of memories.

Well, I think when I get back home I'll just have to wait and see if she decides she likes the new boat as much as this old one!

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