Location: Trent & Mersey Canal

Meet Ben & Liam

"He's only six, and we'll have ridden 30 miles or so today by the time we're back! We've come all the way from Lichfield to Great Haywood this morning. It's a long ride, but it's what he wants to do, and I'd rather he be doing this than messing on the PlayStation all day. Lots of kids his age are twice the size of him, really overweight.

The other day we were at the canal in Fradley and Liam loves the nature reserve that's there. To get to Fradley we took the bikes in the back of my van, and then had a ride along the canal. But today we've done a proper bike ride all the way!

We're farmers, so he's used to exercise and it's nice to get out in the countryside on our bikes. On the farm we've been doing the hay this week. We've taken a day off to come on this bike ride because we've just finished all the hay, and because it's my birthday today too! 

There's a picnic and drinks in our bags, so we're all prepared. We're going to have our picnic lunch on a bench here and then I think we're going to head back."

Ben & Liam, Great Haywood, Trent & Mersey Canal