Anna & Buddy, by the canal in Manchester Anna & Buddy, by the canal in Manchester

Meet Anna & Buddy in Manchester

I'm enjoying my 'Buddy-time' by the water before I go to work. I work in Manchester, in an office-based job as a creative director for an ecommerce agency, so I'm taking Buddy for a walk before I travel into the city. It's great on Fridays because I can take him in to work with me, but today we're just having our early morning walk by the water before I have to set off.

I live near here in a former warehouse overlooking the canal which is lovely. For a long time I didn't really come down this way to the water - and then I got a dog and came here and wondered why I hadn't discovered it before. It's great here.

Walking a dog by the canal

Buddy is a cockapoo, which is a breed mix of a cocker spaniel and a poodle. He's only four months old and that's why he's so lively. At the moment I'm toilet training him, but because I live in an apartment it's quite difficult. I give him really good treats when he 'goes' outside, so that's how he's learning.

He's being very good for the camera – I think he will definitely steal my limelight in this photo.     

Anna & Buddy, Manchester