Ann and Jack in Liverpool Ann and Jack in Liverpool

Meet Ann & Jack

We were probably courting the last time we walked together along the waterfront here. It was around 57 years a go now when we first met!

The actual day we met, we were in north Wales climbing, but I was a student here in Liverpool training to be a physiotherapist, and Jack was doing his engineering degree at university too.

Liverpool Albert DockWe've come up to the waterfront in Liverpool today on a coach trip from where our home is now, in Rugby. We have lots of canals around us in Rugby, Britain is full of waterways, but when we saw this coach trip we just thought we had to visit Liverpool again!

Dockside in LiverpoolWalking along the water here holds a lot of good memories for us. We love it here and we love the Liverpudlian ways too. I remember when I was working as a physiotherapist, I had a patient with a chest infection who would turn away from me to spit into the sputum pot because he thought I shouldn't see such things – even though he was handing the pot over to me after! A lot has changed since those days, but I think the wonderful Liverpudlian sense of humour has stayed the same!

Locks on the docksAs well as our university days, Liverpool has been part of our married life too because our daughter followed in our footsteps and came here to university. It really doesn't seem so long since we were courting here, and today we're enjoying a lovely day out!

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