Nature-watching on the canal Nature-watching on the canal

Meet Angus, on the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

A lot of my work is office-based, so I often head straight for the towpath after work with my dog and my binoculars. It's the quickest way to get right away from the little stresses of work and I'm one of those people that need to be outdoors whenever I can.

I'm the UK sales and commercial director for a global automotive parts company. I work in Bristol and London mostly, and my job also involves a lot of travel to meetings and trade shows across Europe.

Dog walking in the summer

I know the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal inside out because it's near my home. What's great about coming here is how this canal runs alongside the River Severn, and at this particular spot I can look in all directions with my binoculars and see birdlife everywhere. I love watching birds and trying to spot anything unusual.

In the reed beds between the canal and the river I look out for reed and willow warblers, and there are bittern, black-headed gulls and of course plenty of 'ordinary' birds as well, such as swallows. Along the water we've got ducks, swans, herons and occasionally a kingfisher.  

It can get very exciting around here at different migration times, with all sorts of birds on the move. It's funny, as you can see, as soon as I get outside on the towpath with my binoculars, I can completely switch off from work. 

Angus, Gloucester & Sharpness Canal and River Severn