Amanda and Mike at Worcester Amanda and Mike at Worcester

Meet Amanda & Mike at Worcester

"It wasn't until we moved here that we really noticed the movement of the sun. The sunset changes all the time."

Amanda and Mike

"You can't better this!" That's what we were just saying to each other a minute ago as we were walking along the waterside. We moved here around seven years ago, as part of our retirement plan, and live in one of the apartments overlooking the water.

It was a series of coincidences that brought us here and we just think how lucky we are! Living by the water ticked all the boxes on our list of what we wanted in terms of retirement. We're on the top floor with glass windows right across the living room and we've got the balcony - so this is our daily view over the water.

Walking at Worcester

It wasn't until we moved here that we really noticed the movement of the sun. The sunset changes all the time - in peak summer it sets just to the left of the church spire and in the peak of the winter it sets just clearing the hills. We watch that move - it's something we really like.

There's always movement here. Come Easter we'll get the narrowboats coming back out again, we see people commuting, people walking like us, dogs, families, cyclists… And there’s so much wildlife to watch. Often we see a kingfisher by the lock, cormorants by the weir, we have a local heron, and once in a blue moon we see a seal who visits.

Waterways at Worcester

The Worcester & Birmingham Canal was in Britain's top 100 walks last week with Julia Bradbury on ITV. In December, Ramblers also asked their members to submit nominations for the best local area for everyday life, so we nominated our canal. Diglis has reached the top 10 so far and it's going out for public voting this month.

We've walked the whole canal and we do the ring too. We're Friends of the Canal & River Trust charity and we walk the canals and rivers almost every day. We love it here - we're very passionate about it and we think it has a lot to offer.   

Amanda & Mike, Worcester, River Severn/Worcester & Birmingham Canal