Cycling in Bath Cycling in Bath

Meet Abi & Sophie at Pulteney Lock, Bath

I’m making the most of the school holidays with my daughter. We live in Keynsham so we've cycled from there, which is about seven miles I think.

We enjoy going for a bike ride together and we've cycled this particular route along the canal a few times now. Both of us feel it's really nice to ride our bikes along the towpath because when you're away from the road traffic it's much more relaxing. It's great being by the water and it's very peaceful. 

Family cycle ride along the Kennet & Avon Canal

We stopped and had our picnic lunch earlier and the weather has been lovely all day today so it's been perfect really! It's just lovely when it's a day like today.

We were cycling past this lock and just stopped here because we spotted a heron. He has been cleaning his feathers and wandering along the opposite side of the lock. He doesn't seem bothered by us, so we've been watching him for a while. He has been sitting by the lock gates looking for fish and now he is hiding in the lock gate, nearer the water, hoping the fish won't spot him.

Heron on the Kennet & Avon Canal

Sophie doesn't really visit the canals with her friends from school, for us it seems to be more a place for Mum and daughter.

Yes, a day like today is just lovely. 

Abi & Sophie, Pulteney Lock, Bath, Kennet & Avon Canal