News article created on 18 April 2018

Year 5 pupils from Crick Primary School enjoy a canal day

To celebrate the forthcoming Crick Boat Show (26-28 May), now Britain’s biggest inland waterways festival, our Explorers team took 32 Year 5 pupils from Crick Primary School for a walk along their local canal, the Leicester Line of the Grand Union Canal.

Crick Primary School day out on the canal

As well as learning about the history of their local canal and the wildlife that lives there on the canal walk, the children will be drawing pictures of canal features to be used on a new Crick village banner to promote the Crick Boat Show. Back in the classroom, the children will also learn about water safety and canal heritage through a series of activities led by our Explorers team 

Lindsay Morris, Year 5’s teacher at Crick Primary School, says: "Canals are wonderful places for children to visit and we are really pleased our Year 5 pupils have been given this opportunity to enjoy a canal adventure day. The children are excited about their visit and the Crick Boat Show banner design work they are going to help with too."

David Payne, our volunteer, adds: "Canals are fantastic places for families to enjoy spending time outdoors by the water - walking, boating, fishing and wildlife watching. People in Northamptonshire are lucky to have 58 miles of the Grand Union Canal passing through their county and we are keen to encourage the next generation to make the most out of their local waterways."