News article created on 29 November 2013

Stoppage alerts and notices move home

The alerts that we provide about waterway closures and stoppages will be available on this website from 9 December.

The new alerts will be easier to use and will provide clearer information:

  • Stoppages and notices will appear on interactive maps
  • More information on the type of notice, whether it’s a sporting event or a closure due to maintenance
  • Clearer canal and river listings, with all parts of the waterway grouped together

You'll be able to search for stoppages on our website from 9 December. Stoppages will also be added to our interactive ‘In Your Area’ maps on the website.

Were currently emailing boaters who receive alerts to tell them about the changes and let them know what they need to do. Waterscape alerts will stop being emailed out on 9 December and boaters visiting the page will be redirected to the our website.

Simon Salem, marketing director at Canal & River Trust, said: “The stoppage alerts and notices are now fully integrated onto our website and I hope they provide a clear and easy-to-use resource to any boater planning a trip. They appear on our interactive maps and are a very visual way to see what’s happening where, as well as providing even more information than before. I urge all boaters who currently receive stoppage alerts to sign up at to ensure they are kept up-to-date with anything that may affect their cruising.

if you currently get stoppage alerts by email you will need to re-register on this website to continue to receive the updates,as your account is protected by encrypted passwords, which cannot be transferred over. If you already have a MyTrust account you will simply need to sign in