News article created on 11 July 2017

Repairs begin on historic Broughton Bridge

We are once again calling for motorists to slow down when crossing over Broughton Bridge in Aylesbury, after the bridge was hit by a careless driver causing £25,000 worth of damage.

Broughton Bridge

We are making the call now, that the repairs to rebuild the damaged brick walls are underway. Significant damage was caused to the 200-year-old bridge with this most recent strike resulting in Broughton Lane being temporarily closed to traffic whilst the repairs take place.

Neil Owen, our regional engineer said: "Brick bridges like this are such an important part of the Aylesbury Arm Canal’s character and the area’s history. Each time a bridge is hit a small bit of history is lost and it is heart-breaking for us to spend so much time and money caring for these amazing structures just to see them so carelessly damaged.

"Over the last year we’ve had to spend over £1million across the country repairing bridges hit by drivers and that’s money which, as a charity, we could better spend maintaining and looking after the region’s canals.

"If motorists just slowed down a bit and took more care and attention then they would save themselves and us a lot of cost and aggravation, and protect the nation’s important canal heritage."

We are currently in talks with Buckinghamshire County Council regarding the reopening of Broughton Lane and the installation of traffic lights to control and slow down traffic as it crosses the bridge.