News article created on 21 February 2019

New Boater Report published for licence holders

We have published our Boater Report for our 34,000 leisure licence holders. The Report sets out how we generate our income, including the contribution from boaters, and how that money is invested in the network.

Moored boats Moored boats

The Report was produced with input from the boaters elected to the Trust’s governing Council as well as boater volunteers on the Trust’s Navigation Advisory Group. It will be updated each summer to reflect the Trust’s latest available accounts.

Jon Horsfall, head of customer service support at the Canal & River Trust, comments: “The Trust’s core purpose is maintaining the 2,000 miles of canals and rivers we look after and making the experience of using them as good as we can. Boaters play a central role in helping to fund the work with around 10% of our income coming from boat licences.

“The Boater Report is designed to give licence holders an overview of how much it costs to maintain the waterways, where the Trust’s money comes from and where it gets spent, for example how much gets spent on dredging, maintenance, vegetation management or on customer service and facilities.

“The report also includes information on licence evasion, the role of volunteering and the importance of boating on our waterways.  We’ll be interested to hear feedback from boaters to understand what info they find most useful and if there’s any other aspects of our work that they’d like to see more of in future Reports.”

Read 2018 The Boater Report in full.