News article created on 14 February 2017

Lock gates to be replaced on Grand Union Canal

We have started a month long project to repair and replace a number of lock gates along the Leicester Line section of the Grand Union Canal.

A workman fixing a lock gate in a drained canal Fixing lock gates

Our specialists are planning on repairing three sets of gates and replacing another set on the canal near the village of Kilby. Any damaged brickwork within the locks will also be repaired.

This winter we are spending £43 million across the country carrying out much needed repairs to the 200-year-old canal network.

Charlotte Wood, from the Trust, said: "The locks on the Leicester Line are used many times every day and they do get a bit of a pounding from passing boats. Every 25 years or so we have to replace the lock gates as they become worn and difficult to repair. With each one weighing several tonnes – much the same in weight as an average sized family car – we need to use specialist equipment to manoeuvre the gates into position so we can ensure they fit snugly in the lock."