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Duck wardens needed

We’re looking for volunteer duck wardens to improve the minds and bodies of our feathered friends.

Duck warden

Update 12.05pm: This is clearly an April fool but there is a serious message behind it. 3.5 million loaves of bread are still being thrown into canals, rivers, ponds and lakes every year. Bread is not part of a duck's natural diet and too much of it can be bad for them.

Take a look at our campaign to improve the health of our ducks.

We all know that our ducks are partial to a slice or two of stodgy bread but it's not good for them or their environment. We're looking for feather-friendly volunteers to come forward and help us keep ducks on the straight and narrow when it comes to their favourite junk foods.

We'll provide a fetching uniform as modelled above and you'll get to waddle up and down the towpaths stopping bread-pushing families from filling our ducks' bellies with unhealthy snacks and handing out oats, corn, lettuce and peas instead. We'll even give you a loud haler in case you spot someone about to get their bread out and can't reach them in time.

However, we're not simply looking for you to feed the birds' stomachs with healthy food. We'll be asking you to nourish our ducks' minds by reading them poetry, singing to them and holding umbrellas out for them when it gets too wet.

Our approved list of duck friendly songs includes:

  • Duck in the middle with you
  • I should be so ducky
  • Duck be a lady tonight

Lairs Poolf, duck co-ordinator for the Trust says: “Our ducks are often the first thing to greet you with a friendly quack when you step onto one of our towpaths and we think it's time to give back. We love our ducks and want the best for them. Come forward and become one of our first duck wardens and help us make the UK's ducks the happiest ducks in the world.”

Last Edited: 01 April 2016

photo of a location on the canals
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