#PlasticsChallenge boards

Following our #PlasticsChallenge campaign, we joined forces with #2MinuteBeachClean to rid our oceans of plastic and litter. They tackle coastal water – we look after inland waterways. Remember, your small action makes a big difference!

Pick up plastic and litter with our #PlasticsChallenge boards Pick up plastic and litter with our #PlasticsChallenge boards

In the autum of 2019, we placed 10 of our jointly branded ‘A’ sign boards out on towpaths around the country. 

The A board contained biodegradable and compostable bags made from corn starch, with litter pickers attached to it. Then all people had to do was:

  • Take a few minutes (or more) to pick up plastics, litter and rubbish with the litter pickers
  • Put it in the bag provided
  • Dispose of it in near by bins or take it home and recycle it

We asked everyone to share their pickings on social media and tag us in @canalrivertust using the hashtags #PlasticsChallenge and @2MinuteBeachClean to end up on our #PlasticsChallenge gallery below.

You can still pick up plastic

Although the A boards part of the project is over for now, we hope to put then out again in the summer of 2020. Meanwhile, you can still do your bit and pick up any plastic, litter and rubbish you find on the towpaths, take it home and dispose of it correctly.

And remember to share your pickings on social media and tag us in @canalrivertust using the hashtags #PlasticsChallenge