Volunteers 'March'-ing ahead!

Apologies for the terrible title - but we are sure you will enjoy reading what our fabulous technical volunteers have been doing in the last eighteen months.

I have spoken to so many people lately that have commented, “How can we be in March already!” and I have to agree with them, and this month seems to have galloped by too. It seems only yesterday that we were looking ahead to the New Year. I really cannot believe that myself and Rebecca have been in our current roles for almost eighteen months, so it seems a good time to reflect on what has happened in this time!

Of course, one of my personal highlights over this time has been the subject of a recent blog, The Roundhouse in Birmingham, but there have been many other things happening in the southern patch. More recently, it is great to see that our southern canal discharge surveyors have started, hot on the heels of those in Rebecca’s patch as her recent blog. But we still need some help on the Oxford Canal – more sharp eyed spotters are needed, could you be who we are looking for? Please do get in touch if you are within reach of this lovely waterway and want to get involved.

Our other technical team colleagues have been hard at work too providing a variety of volunteering opportunities, we hope to be able to share more of their stories over the next few months, including an update on the Yellow Fish campaign and terrapin catching (who can forget that one!) from the environment team. But that is not all that has been happening, we have had volunteers in our heritage team (including Lucky, who has just written a lovely blog), and our project management team are blazing a trail, recruiting several assistants! Oh and of course, who can forget our boating buddies day…. Thanks Colin!

But I shall hand over to Rebecca momentarily, to give you some bullet points on her northern highlights over the last eighteen months….

  • 19 volunteers taking part in discharge surveys across the north1
  • 3 volunteers involved in the Seal Survey at the Tees Barrage, a project in cooperation with INCA
  • Short term student placements in both Heritage and Environment teams
  • 3 long term placements in Environment teams
  • Long term placement in M&E team
  • Recruited volunteers to assist with Green Plan
  • Bat surveys, water vole surveys, water plant surveys

 And don’t forget our National Volunteering Week celebration event at Stoke Bruerne, and when we marked with Student Volunteering week by sending out tea & biscuits to our active student volunteers!

So, as you can see, a lot has been happening. And there is more to come – we will keep you updated! Please do get in touch if you want to get involved, as we have new opportunities arising all the time. And do share your stories with us – it is wonderful to hear how much you all enjoy getting involved.




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