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We're always sad to say goodbye to volunteers, but when they're leaving to take on paid employment, it's bitter-sweet

I’m sure we’ve all read in the news that volunteering will improve your CV and help you to get a job, and here in the Technical Teams at Canal & River Trust in the past year we’ve had a flurry of volunteers leaving us to take on paid employment either within the Trust or another organisation.

It’s always great for us to see volunteers developing in their roles and it’s positive for volunteers to leave us and go into jobs that their volunteering has prepared them for.

As well as gaining new skills or developing existing ones, volunteering provides you with the elusive experience that employers are looking for. We’ve had feedback from volunteers who’ve moved on to employment saying that it was the experience that they’ve gained that gave them the edge over other candidates.

When volunteers are employed by the Trust it’s not always within the team they’ve been volunteering with, which shows how experience within an organisation can help along with gaining specific skills and knowledge.

Gaining experience and confidence

Here are some of our volunteers who’ve moved on to paid employment after volunteering with us;

Adam – volunteer in Environment Team, now working in Boat Licensing

Destino – volunteer in Project Management Team, now working in the Programming Team

Sam – volunteer in Environment Team, now working in Environment Team

Josh – volunteer in Angling Development Team, now working in East Midlands Waterway

In addition to these great achievements, we’ve also had at least eight volunteers take up paid employment outside Canal & River Trust as a result of the skills and experience they’ve gained through volunteering with the teams.

Of course getting a job isn’t the only reason people volunteer – the reasons are often very personal to a volunteer and it’s important that we find out what motivates each volunteer to join us so that we can make their experience with us as positive as possible. Why not read a bit more about the benefits of volunteering with us? Also these volunteer testimonials make interesting reading too.

If you’re motivated to volunteer, for whatever reason, take a look at the latest opportunities here. We look forward to welcoming you to the team!


N.B. Volunteering with us is not a guarantee of employment

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