Stratford 2 Stratford - Day One

Hear from the students on day one of their life-changing journey from Stratford 2 Stratford.

We met up bright and early outside Chobham Academy; at 7am, can you believe it? Although everyone looked like the walking dead, they were more than excited about the trip ahead.

Our journey began with a walk to the canal see our new floating homes! It was surprising how all feeling of sleep deprivation was lost, as we left the modern city and stepped onto the footpath by the canal. The movement of the water combined with the sway of the trees relaxed us all as we admired the creativity expresses through the street art under tunnels and at the back of the buildings. “I’m excited for the new experience and to learn new things!”

Once we had settled into the boats we went to Victoria Park, the sun was shining and which made it a perfect day to rehearse and enjoy some well awaited lunch. We then went took a coach ride to the location of the boats, where the real work began. We had to cook our first meals and clean up after ourselves; luckily no one consumed any cremated food.

To end what seemed to be a long day, we all gathered on a near by field to play a friendly game of rounders, although it is important to add that some members became extremely competitive despite the unified family atmosphere. It was a lovely way to end a great day!


Thanks to Princess, Samson, Eboni and Caroline

Last date edited: 29 June 2015

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