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News article created on 6 June 2016

Helping Hedgerows, Dan's blog

My name is Dan and I have recently volunteered with Canal & River Trust. I am the Junior Boys Captain at Runcorn Rowing Club and here is how I got involved with the Helping Hedgerows Project.

Helping Hedgerows project Helping Hedgerows project
"Giving back to the river is important to me and many others and is vital for us to be able to continue doing what we do on our waterways." Dan

My club was invited by the Trust to take part in an opportunity to plant a new hedgerow along the towpath adjacent to the clubhouse. The Junior Squad was keen to help and arrangements were made for a planting day during the school holidays.

As one of the Junior Captains, I helped organise a group of Junior rowers to plant 100m of new hedgerow in the morning and joined them to row 8000m in the afternoon. The planting process included putting young plants, canes and guards together in small groups, whilst others prepared the ground for planting. All joined together to heel in the plants on mass. We also had a fantastic lunch that was prepared by some of the parents of the juniors.

Working together

The overall day was very enjoyable, providing both junior boys and junior girls with an opportunity to work together and build up a bond. I believe that it is important for us to protect and maintain our rivers and canals in order for us to be able to continue taking part in activities like ours. Giving back to the river is important to me and many others and is vital for us to be able to continue doing what we do on our waterways.

Linking to this, I helped to set up FUSION, a Canal & River Trust managed youth volunteer forum, in March of 2016, along with a group of other young people. Its primary function is to get young people involved - giving them a voice, which they can use to express their feelings and views on the waterways in Britain. We are looking forward to getting FUSION going, so that more young people across the country will be able to give their opinions and have a valued voice.

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