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Meet Cassie, our filming and campaigns executive based in London. She's a keen cyclist on our waterways.

Cassie Clarke Cassie Clarke

When I started working at Canal and River Trust I decided that I would commute to work by bicycle, at that time there were four or five regular cyclists in the office and I felt more encouraged to cycle. Now I am only one of the regular cyclists in the Little Venice office, this is why I have made a pledge to cycle to work on the 14 September and I’ve also been trying to encourage my colleagues to try it out.

I try to cycle to work every single day, even if it’s raining (I have a good rain coat and always have a change of clothes for work). I commute from South London through the city centre to Little Venice. My journey is about six miles each way and takes me 35 minutes on a good day.

The route is mainly on the new cycle super highways now so it’s much more relaxing, I get to ride through Hyde Park every morning which is lovely and I try to mix things up by taking different back streets through Belgravia and Paddington.

I don’t think I could go back to commuting by train and tube, it just seems so uncivilised… sweating inside a metal tube with your face squashed between the window and a strangers armpit not to mention the endless delays. Cycling to work gives you freedom and puts a smile on your face!

Some of the best things about cycling to work

You can get all of your exercise for the day out of the way on your commute – if I got the train to work I’d be sat down for an extra hour a day. It makes you feel much more alert when you arrive at work plus you’re getting an extra dose of vitamin D.

Saves you money – a travel card in London is about £150 a month. Cycling to work costs nothing, except the occasional inner tube or bike shop repair which is rarely over £10.

Cool rides – I have a 40 year old Mercian racing bike, it was hand built in Derby from super light steel. I maintain my bike regularly and I love buying new parts and accessories for it, I recently had some bespoke wheels made. I spend the money I save on travel fares on making my bike brilliant.

Great way to see the city – before I used to only walk along the road that took me from the tube or bus to my regular destinations. Cycling completely opens the city up, getting lost and discovering a new place is one of the best things about riding – even if I am occasionally late for work or social occasions.

Longevity – cyclists live longer, apparently, every hour you cycle adds another hour to your life.

Last date edited: 13 September 2016

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