The Tears of a Clown

It’s that strange time of year again when I make the transition from simply existing within a state of perpetual ‘chasing my tail’ craziness to the comfortable side of busy. So, following a really very productive week I’m hoping to get a few of those more niggling but very time consuming jobs ticked off my ‘To Do’ list. Well, we can all live in hope…can’t we?

  • Pile of letters on my desk waiting for a reply – responses on their way by return snail mail
  • Inbox spiralling out of control – back under control-ish
  • Requests for information – now (almost) up to date
  • Spend some quality time with my customer service team – check!
  • Twitter – must try even harder
  • Blog – in progress…

Action number four on my to do list was a pleasure, as it is always.  I love forgetting, just for a day, about all the stuff I have to do and getting back to the core of what I’m responsible for.

As I donned the training headset and sat down with Katy I wondered what might be in store for us. We processed a few licence renewals, got to the bottom of an electricity bill duplication, discussed the most suitable licence payment options with a customer (and we have quite a few on offer!), we helped someone even less IT literate than myself purchase some electricity prepayment cards via our online shop (this one was particularly rewarding), helped another customer plan a cruise for the early part of 2014 to avoid our winter works and we very politely rejected a few sales calls – it always amazes me how many of these we receive. 

So nothing particularly out of the ordinary in the first hour or so but it’s quite a skill to be able to confidently and competently flick from one area of knowledge to another. Unfortunately, it seems as though they caught me in a moment of weakness and I may have committed to taking a few calls next time I do this…I really have no idea how that happened but it’s very likely that cake was involved somewhere.

Moving now from the ordinary to the downright extraordinary. When I tell you this you have to remember that I DO NOT make these blogs up. They are really, truly, honestly, absolutely 100% real life - that's certified. Cross my heart and hope to die.   

So, thank you, ‘Coco’ the clown for writing one of the best letters I can ever remember reading to tell us why you were late paying for your boat licence. Despite the fact that clowns have terrified me since I can remember I particularly appreciated the enclosed photograph of you (in character, of course, tears and all). But really, losing your job at the circus after slipping on a banana skin? I thought this was just an occupational hazard!   

Whatever next...

Last date edited: 10 December 2013

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