Dearest Peter, Drew and Rusty and Monty the cats,

A simple ‘thank you’ just doesn’t seem quite enough.

Here's why. 

Frankly it’s been a challenging few weeks. I can’t tell you the reason (only because I just don't know) but it’s felt relentless.  

Last week was so demanding that I took the extreme measure of giving up my afternoon cups of coffee in lieu of pints of water because I heard somewhere that dehydration seriously effects your brain function…I also thought it might stop me wakening at 2am, 3am and 4am remembering all the things I had forgotten the previous day.  

I’m actually addicted to coffee so I’ll tell you this was no mean feat.

Don’t feel sorry for me though. I’m tough as nails, resilient, eternally optimistic and have a wicked sense of humour to get me through the toughest days. I also have some of the best colleagues anyone could wish to work with.

Then I picked up your postcard from my post-tray. Your timing was impeccable. 

You say; "not a letter, but a postcard at least!"  It may not have been a letter but that made it no less wonderful. It was a little burst if sunshine in an otherwise cloudy day and I smiled widely as I thought about you wryly penning this card to me.    

I’m also not ashamed to admit that I might have had a small lump in my throat and my eyes might have fogged up, just a little.  I love my job, always have, and reading this reminded me exactly why. It also made me feel incredibly humble and grateful. 

So this week it has been a different story altogether. Things are happening, I'm making progress, the weight of my in-box is subsiding, I seem to be able to please people again and, greatest of all,  I’m back on afternoon coffee...albeit with an additional pint of water because those scientists are definitely right, of course.

Your note was the catalyst for all of this. I believe that you may have some sort of magical powers you aren't aware of. You should definitely have them checked out, if you get a chance…

Take care and stay safe in all this bad weather,


PS. I think your boat is fittingly named, I’ll bet you know the true meaning of friendship.                                                       

Last date edited: 16 March 2016

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