News article created on 1 June 2016

Keep on running!

I have found some great places to run, including a lovely bouncy section of towpath at Stoke Bruerne that was recently resurfaced and makes you feel a bit like Zebedee!

Sarah running park run Sarah running park run

Fitbit resultsI fell off the wagon over Easter!

Too many tempting things around, but am back to running regular 5ks and have achieved a personal goal in running constantly without stopping for three miles.

I’m also now walking/running 20,000 steps a day at times thanks to the encouragement of my fitbit!

I’ve booked myself in for a 10k run for June (I had a glass of wine and felt brave so signed up)

So, its time to start running slightly further along the towpath (and back).


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From couch to canal: Sarah’s half marathon journey

Sarah Brown is development and engagement manager for the South East waterway. In 2016 Sarah aims to get fit along the canals in the area, by training for the ‘Two Arms on Two Legs’ half marathon along the Aylesbury and Wendover arms of the Grand Union Canal.

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