'Twas on a Monday morning

How a few moments on the Grand Union Canal towpath in the sunshine lifted a sombre mood.

If I’m honest, I wasn’t in the best of moods when I got up this morning. A night spent tossing and turning, worrying about those stupid things that don’t really matter and waking up feeling, well, rather Monday-ish, wasn’t the brightest start to a day I’ve had. The icing on the cake was an early visit to the dentist. (Although as it turns out, I hadn’t eaten too much cake, so no remedial action required.)

With my teeth shining, I set off to find Lock 78, (Cassio Bridge Lock), on the Grand Union Canal in Croxley Green where I was due to take some photographs of some of the guys finishing off a gate replacement.  It’s always a bit of an adventure finding my way to stoppages and, in the days before sat nav, I’ve been grateful more than once to spot our distinctive black and white corporate colours in the distance, guiding me down winding single track lanes to the water.

The sun was shining brightly by the time I'd parked and, before I put on all my safety gear, I wandered a short way along the towpath. I was met by utter peace and tranquillity and only the sound of the birds chattering in the trees above me. I took a few deep breaths and thought to myself ‘Is there really any better place to be on such a glorious morning than a canal?’

Good mood restored.

Last date edited: 11 March 2013

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