Herding cats is easier than I thought

(Otherwise known as getting colleagues from all over the country to help make a video)

The fundraising team recently asked internal comms for help with filming and editing a short video. While we were more than happy to do it, some tight deadlines were looming – both for the April edition of The Source and for the video.  And so my colleague Kelly Radley did a lot of the ground work – contacting and briefing staff, booking dates in their diaries etc and two more did some early filming at Stanley Ferry workshops and in Birmingham (thanks Simon and Sarah!).  But, just as Kelly left for 10 days’ well-earned holiday, some of the arrangements began to unravel.  

Busy people have busy diaries, and I was trying to make the most efficient plan that avoided having to return to a location and made the best use of my time. I was also trying to sort out visits to some of the M&S Big Beach & Waterway Clean Up sites where over 1,000 M&S staff at 42 canalside locations across the country are taking a break from their day jobs to help us by litter picking and recycling materials from 22 to 25 April.

This meant that emails were pinging about all over the place changing times, locations etc and my head was starting to spin. One of our trustees, Lynne Berry, (whose appointment I had to change twice) commented: “You must be very good at herding cats...” 

And now everything is in place for next week’s filming, I suddenly realised that it actually hasn’t been that difficult, because everyone is so willing to help and they all bent over backwards to accommodate my requests.  Definitely not a feline trait!


Last date edited: 16 March 2016

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