Week 2

Another busy week!

We have had an overwhelming response to our offer of free water safety assemblies to schools in the area of Ellesmere Port. We will begin delivering these after the May half term break, how exciting!

We also had a meeting on the subject of a future training day for Key Stage 1 teachers on how the topic of canals and can fit with many different areas of the National Curriculum. This was really interesting for me as the National Curriculum has been a big part of my studies in education at University (I hope my lecturer reads this).

Cheshire Science Festival

This week I was not only working from The National Waterways Museum in Ellesmere Port, but also got to visit the beautiful Anderton Boat Lift site. There we were working on preparations for the upcoming Cheshire Science Festival (week beginning 26th May 2014). We are going to have lots of fantastic activities going on including wild seed planting, habitat trails, surface tension experiments, and even a bee keeper! So if you’re in the area then come and take part!

At Anderton, we were also developing a new educational visit titled ‘Northwich: The Centre of The Industrial World?’ available to year 5 pupils and to be piloted in July. The lucky schools who are participating will get to learn about how Northwich was founded and why it is so important through two interactive workshops. They will also get to take a ride on the famous boat lift.

In Helen’s feedback on my last blog, she recommended that I write about an amusing incident that had occurred during the week. She may regret this advice when she reads my incident of choice…

On Thursday we went out into Northwich to source all of the materials we needed for The Cheshire Science Festival. This included a huge bag of compost for our wild seed planting activity. This seemed like a pretty straightforward task. We arrived at the garden centre, collected a trolley and headed outside. After putting the huge bag of compost in the trolley, I turned around for 10 seconds and when I looked back towards Helen, she had capsized the trolley and split the bag. Covered in soil, she was trying to pick the bag back up and select another, undamaged one. Oh the shame! So there’s our amusing incident! (I’m a bit worried about what my feedback for this week will be). See you next week!

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