Secret Diary of an Education Studies Student: Week 5

This was the last week of my placement with Canal & River Trust and what an exciting week it was!

I’ve been taking pictures of the boats we keep here at The National Waterways Museum for the ‘Top Trumps’ card game that is being designed (as mentioned in my last blog). The picture below is one of mine, what do you think? If the field of education won’t have me, maybe I could have a go at photography?

We have also begun delivering our Water Safety assemblies to primary schools in the area of Ellesmere Port this week. We visited some lovely schools who made them so much fun! My favourite part of the whole week was when a reception pupil was asked why it would be dangerous to swim in the canal and he answered… ‘because of sharks!’ The pupils had some really insightful questions for us and I think our SAFE (Stay Away From the Edge) message was well and truly conveyed!

Local war story

As well as this, we attended meetings on the subject of a World War I exhibition due to be displayed here at The National Waterways Museum. Part of the exhibition will be put together by pupils from The Whitby High School in Ellesmere Port. We were really impressed with their ideas for a display which will focus on a fascinating local war story. It was strange for me to visit Whitby as this was my high school. It is six years since I left and being there brought back some great memories… and some not so great memories…like outdoor P.E in February.

I also headed back to the archives on Thursday (I told you I couldn’t keep away) to gather the last bits of information I needed for the KS1 resource pack that we have designed. These included some great traditional folk songs from the waterways. What a perfect end to an amazing five weeks! Thank you Canal & River Trust and thank you to Helen especially… I have loved every minute!

Last date edited: 12 June 2014

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Helen Evans is the learning officer for our museums and attractions. She joined the National Waterways Museum (Ellesmere Port) in 2010, following eight years of secondary school teaching. Helen lives in Macclesfield and is a keen long distance runner, competing for Macclesfield Harriers.

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