Diary of an education studies student: week one

My name is Naomi and I’m a student of English Language and Education Studies at The University of Chester. For the next month, I will be on a work placement with Helen and will be taking over her blog.

My field of interest is the way in which education can be implemented in non-traditional settings, which is how I came to work in the education department of Canal & River Trust. So, let me tell you how my first week here has been…

I spent bank holiday Monday researching ‘blogging’ as, until now, I have never written creatively (something tells me that you may have already guessed). Please may I encourage readers to post a comment to let me know if this research has at all paid off!

National Waterways Museum

On Tuesday, I spent my first day at The National Waterways Museum which is where I will be based for the most of my month with Canal & River Trust. After a safety briefing and a quick tour of the site, I sat in on a meeting with three Heritage Lottery Fund advisors to talk about The National Waterways Museum’s bid.

The proposed project sounds so exciting and it was clear that a lot of hard work has gone into the bid. Helen showed me her 10,000 word Learning Plan which will be implemented if the project goes ahead. 10,000 words! That’s longer than a dissertation!


During the afternoon, Helen and I read a script sent over by CBeebies for a children’s programme due to be produced here at The National Waterways Museum, so look out for that! I’ve told all of my friends that I’m now editing scripts for the BBC (slight exaggeration).

I spent Wednesday at the offices of Marine Cruises, where I work part time. We offer narrow boat hires for holidays across the UK. Another busy day!

On Thursday, I spent the majority of the day with a school visit. We had 137 children onsite! We started with an art workshop with 30 of the children. They made beautiful decorations for our narrow boat cabin and it took me back to when I came here on a school trip (over 15 years ago). The children then had a guided tour and a lock demonstration which I rather enjoyed myself. Then it was back to the office to work on our Free Water Safety Assemblies, offered to schools in the area of Ellesmere Port.

This brings us to Friday. I have spent the day on our volunteer management database and am finishing the afternoon off by writing (several drafts) of my blog. I’m at the Marine Cruises offices tomorrow and on Sunday I plan to catch up on some sleep in preparation for another busy week at Canal & River Trust. See you next week!

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Helen Evans is the learning officer for our museums and attractions. She joined the National Waterways Museum (Ellesmere Port) in 2010, following eight years of secondary school teaching. Helen lives in Macclesfield and is a keen long distance runner, competing for Macclesfield Harriers.

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