Phew - it’s all going off this month!

There’s been lots of excitement in my little museums and attractions education bubble recently. I’ve been starting work with Anderton Boat Lift and Standedge Tunnel. It’s been fantastic working with Tim, Carly, James and Mikaela to plan volunteer recruitment, promotion and development of their schools offers.

I can’t wait to take some of my volunteers over to Standedge Tunnel to take part in some pumpkin carving – apparently James does this workshop dressed as a wizard! I will be sure to include some photos of this in my next blog.

Andrew Ashmore came over to Ellesmere Port to deliver two days of costumed interpretation training. They were fantastic days and the volunteers were really enthused and motivated to develop characters and design guided walks. Hopefully we will have something fantastic developed in time for Christmas.

I also opened the new 'Ducklings Play Area' at Ellesmere Port last week – probably the cutest event I have ever been involved in. I was lucky enough to get the mayor to officially open the play area along with a couple of superstar babies who really got into the photo shoot.

Just for those of you who think my job is all fun, fun, fun – I’m up to my eyes in spread sheets and risk assessments at the moment – roll on the next school visit!

Last date edited: 10 October 2013

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