News article created on 15 December 2015

Fact Finding Mission along the River Severn

Today Steve, Collections Officer, and I went on a very interesting trip, by car, along a section of the river Severn. Chris Witts was our guide and we stopped at a number of viewpoints and historically important locations.

Sharpness Docks mid 20th century

One of the opportunities today, which we are so pleased we had, was a tour of the Freshspring - a vessel built in 1946 to carry water to larger ships out at sea.  The inside workings and cabins are substantially intact and they are wonderful in the functionality and engineering.  There are for example different colours to the valves for the different types of “working” water, ie steam, sea water and bilge……..

The tide was only just coming in as we left, but we could really sense the might of the Severn towards Sharpness.  Chris told us a number of frightening stories about working life on the river and the hazards faced by crew and skippers.

We are working on the re-display of the collection at the waterways museum and aim to include much more about the River Severn than could be found in the previous exhibition.

Alex Ball

Project Manager


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