Fans of Pokémon - we have some great news for you. We're devising routes with Pokéstops along our canals, who knows what you might catch, Dratini, Psyduck or Lapras.

Pokemon trail Pokemon trail

With help from our Pokémon trainers here at the Trust we are logging pokéstops and gyms on a map of our canal network. We currently have two PokéTrails set-up in Milton Keynes and seven in London. Keep an eye on the page as we will be adding more. Our maps will allow you to zoom in and out for more detail. Get out and explore and catch pokémon and visit pokéstops whilst enjoying some beautiful surroundings.

Good luck Trainer!

Please share your catches with us on social media using #PokeTrail

Pokémon go - safety message

Pokémon go is encouraging people to get outside and discover new places whilst also catching Pokémon. 

Whilst out on the canal’s hunting for a squirtle or lapras you still need to remember to stay SAFE - stay away from the edge.

The range at which you can get pokemon is bigger than your average canal so you can reach pokemon on both sides of the towpath without having to walk by the waters edge.

Go with a friend

Not only is it more fun going with a friend so you can show off your catches and work as a team on gyms, but it also means you can look out for each other and make sure you both stay safe.

Keep an eye on where you are going

Keep an eye out on the towpath ahead to make sure you don’t trip over or bump into someone else coming the other way, you may even spot some swans or a kingfisher.

Last date edited: 6 September 2017