Moor Lane South Mill

Moor Lane (South Mill) is an old cotton weaving and spinning mill, on the site of a sail cloth factory. The chimney, which was famed for being level with the castle keep, is now gone. It remained in use until 1981 weaving cloth, with the distinctive clattering sound of Lancashire looms. It is linked to Moor Lane North Mill by a tunnel under the road.

Lady Fiona on Lancaster Canal, passing my waterside mills Lady Fiona on the Lancaster Canal

The Lady Fiona was a pleasure boat, which cruised the canal between theBlack and white photo of Lady Fiona on Lancaster Canal 1970s and 1990. She started life as a Victorian canal barge called the Pet and is the last remaining barge which plied its trade along the Lancaster Canal to survive.

Listen to three men definitely not in a boat, at least the Lady Fiona, give their views of her from the canalside

The next trail QR codes are north by Moor Lane North Mill or south beside Nelson Street Bridge.

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