Lune Aqueduct West

John Rennie's spectacular stone aqueduct has recently been restored by the Canal & River Trust with the aid of a Heritage Lottery Fund grant. It is returned to its former glory and set for another 100 years of carrying canal boats across the River Lune.

Lune Aqueduct, Lancaster Canal, with blue sky Lune Aqueduct, Lancaster Canal

The aqueduct nearly doomed the whole Lancaster Canal project. Once Rennie mapped the route of the canal from Wigan and Preston in the south to Kendal in the north in 1791, the aqueduct was built in isolation, ahead of the canal that it would connect to. It proved so expensive to build that there was no cash left to build the aqueduct over the River Ribble at Preston to make the crucial southern link from the Lancaster Canal to the rest of the canal network. The canal remained in glorious isolation for over a century, until the Ribble Link was eventually built in 2002!

Angela Washington talks about volunteering to help restore the aqueduct in 2012.

The next trail QR codes are west at Green Lane Bridge, south at Skerton Weir on the River Lune or east at the other end of the aqueduct.

Last date edited: 20 July 2015