Lune Aqueduct East

The Lune Aqueduct is one of the 'Wonders of the Waterways', a masterpiece of civil engineering. 202 metres (664 feet) long, it carries Lancaster Canal 16 metres (53 feet) above the River Lune.

Lune Aqueduct, Lancaster Canal, with blue sky Lune Aqueduct, Lancaster Canal

It was designed by John Rennie and constructed by Alexander Stevens in 1797. The aqueduct consists of five twenty-one-metre (seventy-foot) semi-circular arches resting on piles of Russian timbers driven deep into the bed of the river.

An inscription on the upstream face of the aqueduct reads: "To Public Prosperity"

The downstream side has a Latin inscription: "Old needs are served, far distant sites combined. Rivers by art to bring new wealth are joined"

Derrick Hudson talks about the aqueduct’s construction and its links with the canals of Venice

The next trail QR codes are west across the aqueduct or east at Caton Road car park.

Last date edited: 20 July 2015