Dry Dock Footbridge

This footbridge linked the workers’ housing on one side of the canal with Bath Mill on the other. You can see nesting mallards and coots amongst the wild irises and flowering rushes nearby. There is an old dry dock nearby where swans nest.

Adult coot with two chicks Coots (C) Flagstaffotos

Celia Briar recalls the canal’s wildlife of the 1960s and says: “My memories of the Lancaster Canal include punting through Lancaster, canoeing to Carnforth, swans and cygnets, herons, ducks, moorhens, and wild flowers like flag irises. Cycling and running along the towpath, dodging fishing rods and daft dogs. And where I live right now I can watch the narrowboats chug by.”

Angela Washington tells how spotting a rare canal creature associated with Wind in the Willows inspired her to volunteer for one of the Trust’s wildlife surveys.

Listen to Angela

The next trail QR codes are north beside Ridge Lane Bridge or south by the Heron Works.

Last date edited: 17 July 2015