Thimble Mill and Widcombe Lock

Thimble Mill Pumping Station was vital to the working of the canal as it pumped water up from the river, replacing the water that was lost each time a boat went through the locks.

View of Thimble Mill with Widcome Lock in foreground Thimble Mill and Widcombe Lock

A second pump at Lock 11 lifted the water up above Lock 13, a rise of around 65ft.

Bridge over Widcombe LockWidcombe Lock – also known as Bottom Lock or Chapel Lock – is at the junction between the River Avon and the Kennet & Avon Canal. It is the first (or bottom) lock on the canal but confusingly it is called Lock 7 because there are 6 other locks along the River Avon between here and Bristol.

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Last date edited: 17 July 2015