Dowley Gap Locks

Two Rise Staircase Locks.

Dowley Gap Two Rise locks with people walking by Dowley Gap Two Rise locks

These two locks built around 1773 raise the level of the canal a total of about 6 metres (20 feet). They are nationally important structures listed as grade II* for their architectural and historic interest and association with the Three and Five Rise Locks.

The Leeds & Liverpool Canal is unique in having 14 sets of staircase locks along its length. Between Bingley and Leeds there are three sets of two rise Locks; four sets of three rise locks and the famous Bingley Five Rise.

From Dowley Gap Locks the canal climbs around 33 metres (108 feet) to the top of the Five Rise Locks above Bingley.

Plaque with white rose of Yorkshire installed at Dowley Gap during lock restoration in 1980s

Plaque installed during restoration of the locks in the 1980s with the white rose of Yorkshire.


Bingley Heritage Awareness Project:

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