Dowley Gap Changeline Bridge

Old packhorse bridge, at Dowley Gap.

Dowley Gap Changeline Bridge over water Dowley Gap Changeline Bridge

This attractive old packhorse bridge is contemporary with the Bingley Locks and was built around 1773. At this point the towpath crosses from the north bank to the south bank.

The bridge allows the boat horse and boatman to cross over the canal, and ‘change line’ without slowing down the boat.

The bridge is there to carry the much earlier agricultural trackway Primrose Lane, which connected two different areas of farmland dissected by the canal.

The hole in the side wall of the bridge allows silt washed down the slope from Primrose Lane to be caught in the rectangular walled enclosure or silt trap.

Will Hodgson, stories of swimming horses.

Wall with hole in to allow silt to wash down

The hole in the wall allowed silt washed down from Primrose Lane to be collected in the walled enclosure or silt trap.

Black and white photo of Changeline Bridge and old lock keepers cottage at Dowley Gap around 1930

Changeline Bridge and the old lock keeper’s cottage at Dowley Gap Locks, around 1930. Looking towards Saltaire.

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