Coronavirus and angling

In light of the Government’s announcement on 23 March, the Canal & River Trust, with the full support of the Angling Trust, are asking that all anglers follow the current guidance and stop fishing on our canals, reservoirs and other stillwaters for the time being.

It is imperative that the angling community takes action to protect ourselves, our families, fishery bailiffs and the communities on our waterways during this critical period.

Whilst we understand the proven benefits of active lifestyles, physical health and mental wellbeing that angling provides, it is not currently classified as one of the safe exercises in which to engage.

In partnership with the Angling Trust, we aim to work with the Government, the Environment Agency and Sport England as things move forward, to ensure that access to fishing and the benefits it brings are part of the nation's plan for ensuring our community’s health and wellbeing.

Last date edited: 31 March 2020